Really wanted to share this post. It’s my wish and prayer that everyone in this position finds a happiness they can burst at the seams with everyday. If it’s a childlessness life. If they adopt. If a miracle happens. I wish I could hold the hand of every women who feels sad during the holidays – and every other day of the year – and tell them how much I relate more and more each day that I live this. I wish I could take their pain away. Today, a coworker came in with holiday treats for all the staff members with children..and boy did I feel out of place. It was a weird moment. Ran to the bathroom and shed a few tears and when I got out of work today, I read this post and remembered I am not alone.

Somewhere tonight there is a woman, sitting next to the twinkling lights of her Christmas tree and staring at the fireplace mantle.  Year after year, her heart tells her head, “Here’s a…

Source: To the Childless Woman at Christmas…


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