So estrogen patches are going well. Save for the glue marks all over my stomach and butt. But thankfully, I have found baby oil works wonders! If I rub my spots raw that is..

My apologies for the long break since my last blog. I really want to update everyone. Work has been hectic. Life has been hectic. Okay, maybe not that hectic. POF just puts me on my ass for the most part and I am an exhausted panda. (I don’t know that I’ve mentioned before that I love saying panda) I promised myself to keep up with this to keep me more sane about things, but in all honesty I can say I have found myself to be pretty happy the past month or so….so I sort of forgot about this blog. Eep! 

I think I can attribute that happiness to switching my HRT. Also the fact that I’ve spent some time with my closest friends and I think I desperately needed that. We don’t often see each other.

I’m not sure how often I’ll have these longer stretches of time where I’m far more accepting of this, and physically feeling well at the same time, but I’ll take what I can get! I definitely think the patches are a better fit for me, especially being a migraine sufferer. My headaches have gotten a lot better. I’m not feeling super bloated everywhere. And though I do still have some emotional moments – I’m not constantly feeling like a failure, or fearing that my boyfriend will cheat on me, or looking at myself in the mirror and feeling sick to my stomach, or seeing pregnant bellies (let’s be real here, fucking everywhere I look) and silently losing my mind. Like, holy crap, oral HRT really was the worst. 

I’m starting to get back in to my smoothie habit, and keep my diet focused. I put on a bit of weight with oral HRT :/ I’m not experiencing a breakdown every time I take shower. I’m also not experiencing as many breakouts. I found a good hair care line that is improving my greasy scalp and dry hair. And I have found a lot of great support and advice from women in my Facebook groups who really get me. 1 in 1000 is not so bad once you realize there are 1000’s of us out there.

My night sweats are pretty much non existent now, and that was one of the worst symptoms for me because I wasn’t sleeping. And trust me, you never want to get served coffee by a barista with zero sleep. My hot flashes are so so. They aren’t as embarrassing to me anymore. In fact I get a kick out of strangers asking me why I’m sweating bullets or blotchy red. It’s my opportunity to educate.

All in all, I am doing well. And I’m aware that my hormones will take me all sorts of directions. Unfortunately, my mood could change tomorrow. Or five minutes from now. Maybe next week. But I am going to bask in this good mood for as long as it lasts.



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