I recently read a blog about recognizing the little things. The things that may seem insignificant to others, but to you they mean the world and make you smile. I thought maybe if I wrote my own list, I could come back to it every now and then and read the list if I’m having a bad day or need a lift in my spirits.

1. Family.

2. Nailing the perfect cup of coffee.

3. When my boyfriend gives this crooked smile after he kisses me.

4. Harry Potter.

5. Making to do lists.

6. Conch shells.

7. The earthy smell of a hike, when it runs along a creek.

8. The good, healthy feeling of eating a fresh, clean tasting salad.

9. Friendly, engaging neighborhoods.

10. Drawing.

11. Hearing your favorite song, right at the moment you needed it.

12. Making a strangers day.

13. The smell of a campfire still on my clothes the next day.

14. Putting on soft, freshly cleaned clothes when they are still a little warm.

15. Days that I decide to pamper myself.

16. Watching the sunset and boats on the bay in Ocean City, New Jersey.

17. Fishing and camping memories with my dad.

18. Trips to Moosehead.

19. The smell of puppies.

20. Walking.

21. The silly way my boyfriend and I speak to each other, but only around each other.

22. Shark Week.

23. The smell of low tide.

24. The sound of church bells.

25. My cousin Declan’s laugh.

26. Large, puffy clouds.

27. Seeing a deer close by, looking it straight in the eye for a few moments before it runs off.

28. The cool feel of bedsheets when I’ve just shaved my legs.

29. Pizza and a good IPA.

30. The feeling of getting a little sun (but not a burn) on my skin after a long day swimming in the ocean, and that first shower you take to wash off all the sand and salt water.

31. Fresh tomatoes from a garden.

32. Building drippy sand castles.

33. Catching up with old friends like it was just yesterday.

34. A refreshing shower, and a glass of wine after a tough day.

35. My coworkers bright spirit.

36. Flip flops.

37. Crunchy, fall leaves and colors.

38. Handing out candy in my neighborhood on Halloween, with a blanket and pumpkin beer, talking with all my neighbors.

39. Hotel shampoos and conditioners.

40. Lawn seats.

41. Dressing up in costumes.

42. A clean and bright home, when everything is polished and shining.

43. Mexican food.

44. Bubble baths.

45. Football games.

46. Singing in the shower.

47. The first few moments after you have finished a good book, and need to take it all in, and just want to start it over.

48. The scalp massage when the stylist washes your hair. 


50. The realization that I’m at #50 and it’s actually taking me some real effort to recognize lots of other things that make me happy, and smiling every time I think of a new one.

51. White roses.

52. Applying chapstick.

53. Getting my nails done.

54. Game nights with friends.

55. Weddings.

56. Trying the stuff I find on Pinterest, even if I fail at it.

57. When my boyfriend hugs me from behind, while I’m cooking dinner or doing dishes.

58. Sleeping with a fan on.

59. Bike rides.

60. Sunday mornings, when Mike is still asleep and I have a couple hours to myself, enjoying some coffee and watching Say Yes To The Dress. (Or as he calls it – my “girlbage” hahahah)

61. The sound of a waterfall.

62. Double rainbows.

63. Thrift store shopping.

64. Anna Mae’s breakfast pizza.

65. When I apply winged eyeliner perfectly on both eyes.

66. Watching troops surprise their loved ones with a return home.

67. Back rubs.

68. Flipping my pillow to the cooler side.

69. Hearing stories of married couples who have been together their whole lives and still just as in love with each other.

70. Writing my blogs, and hopefully reaching at least one person. 

71. Lighting candles.

72. Barbecues.

73. Summer rain.

74. The smell of sunscreen.

75. Latte art.

76. Chalkboard menus.

77. Laughing so hard it hurts your stomach and brings you to tears.

78. A really good nights sleep.

79. Flannel shirts and leggings.

80. Mason jar crafts.

81. The sigh after the first sip of hot coffee.

82. Accomplishing a goal you set for yourself.

83. Beating my boyfriend at Nintendo games.

84. When Diesel, my friend Ally’s dog, howls. 

85. When I have absolutely zero smudges on my glasses!

86. Hugging my coworkers and seeing the look of relief on everyone’s faces on the last day of work before our holiday shutdown.

87. Happy hours with Cathy.

88. The smell of honeysuckle.

89. Infinity scarves.

90. Pineapple upside down cake. (I’m a little shocked that my favorite food didn’t get remembered until 90)

91. Accomplishing a whole to do list.

92. Stained glass.

93. Rainbow sushi rolls.

94. Irish blessings.

95. Butterflies.

96. Those days that you do nothing but just binge watch your fav shows in your pajamas all day.

97. Seeing a blue bird or cardinal.

98. A comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup when you don’t feel well.

99. Smiling for no reason at all.

100. Sharing the things that make me happy.


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